Communication, Prayer and Support

HopeCity Missions team believes in the Great Commission that Jesus put before us in Matthew 28:19 “Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit”.  We are reaching into our congregation to reach out to “Our City, Our Nation, Our World”. We support 30 Missionaries and Missions Organizations all over the word. We have an incredible opportunity this year at HopeCity to reach out to our missionaries through Communication, Prayer and Support. 


Our HopeCity Missions team encourages you to adopt a missionary for one year through Communication, Prayer and Support. Use this booklet to pick one of the 30 missionaries listed to communicate with by email. Get to know the missionary, their ministry and receive their newsletters. Pray for the missionary, their family, their ministry, their relationship with God, the country they serve, and physical and emotional need. Finally, HopeCity Missions provides support to our missionaries on a monthly basis. Please join us as we embark on creative ways to provide for their ministry needs.

HopeCity Mission Vision: 

Reaching in to reach out by impacting and transforming lives both locally and globally through awareness, service, and the love of Christ Jesus. Our City, Our Nation, Our World.

HopeCity Mission Goal: 

Increase missionary awareness, prayer, communication and support through videos and visualization. Throughout the year we will have videos during our services, guest missionary speakers, and post information to our Facebook page from our missionaries so you get to know them. We will provide opportunities to go on mission trips and creative ways to provide support to mission ministries.  

HopeCity Mission Provides Opportunities to Volunteer. 

We are looking for individuals who want to volunteer to help with an event, coordinate community outreach projects, go or lead a mission trip, missionary support, and kiosk support. Here is the 2019 missions schedule!

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